Lets Go India Tours Authentic Testimonials: Happy Customers Share Memorable India Tour Experiences with Lets Go India Tours

Authentic Testimonials: Happy Customers Share Memorable India Tour Experiences with Lets Go India Tours

Planning a trip to India? Discover Unforgettable India Tour Experiences with the importance of having a reliable and experienced driver in India’s chaotic and dangerous traffic conditions. Meet Ramesh, an excellent driver with Lets Go India Tours. He is known for his calm demeanor, sensible approach, and unwavering reliability. Join us as we explore the stories of satisfied customers who have not only enjoyed safe travels but also cherished the insights and recommendations shared by Ramesh during their 7-day trip through Rajasthan.

Please see what our customer are saying below:

Ramesh proved to be an invaluable companion throughout our trip. Besides his excellent driving skills, he offered valuable advice on safe accommodations and clean eating establishments. We trusted him completely and wouldn’t consider using any other driver.

Tony and Cecilia Morgan (United Kingdom)

Ramesh took me to all the places I wanted to visit in Delhi and Agra. He was not only a skilled driver but also a helpful and friendly companion. No request was too much for him, and he made long journeys enjoyable with his engaging conversations. Despite the chaotic traffic, Ramesh’s experience and knowledge of the roads ensured our safety. I highly recommend him to any foreign tourists seeking a reliable driver for their India exploration.

Ben (England)

Travelling with Ramesh was a delight. He went above and beyond to provide exceptional service in India. Not only is he a skilled driver, but he also possesses deep knowledge of the country, its culture, and its hidden gems. With Ramesh, you get to experience the real India. I highly recommend him for anyone planning a tour of India.

Edyta Korzeniewska (Poland)

During our week-long trip in India, Ramesh was our driver and guide. His careful driving and attention to our safety made us feel at ease, especially as two female travelers. Ramesh’s recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing were spot-on. Without him, we wouldn’t have seen so much in just seven days. We wholeheartedly recommend Ramesh for your India trip.

Heidi and Amelie (France)

As a seasoned traveler, I have explored numerous countries, but my journeys with Ramesh in India were truly exceptional. We covered more than 10,000 miles, including remote areas in the Himalayas, and never faced any accidents or problems. Ramesh’s reliability, prudence, and expertise as a driver were unmatched. If you want to travel safely in India, I strongly recommend Ramesh.

Fabrizio F. Brovedani (Italy)

Travelling with Ramesh has been a fantastic experience. His extensive experience and quick navigation skills allowed us to discover cities and find excellent hotels efficiently. We recently enjoyed a memorable Camel Safari organized by Ramesh. With his careful and safe driving, we always felt secure during our journeys. We believe Ramesh is the best driver in India!

Laia & Joan (Spain)

Our Golden Triangle trip in India was made unforgettable with Ramesh as our driver. He not only ensured our safety on the road but also provided valuable recommendations and flexible planning. His companionship added an extra layer of joy to our trip. We highly recommend Ramesh for fellow travelers looking for a safe and enjoyable experience in India.

Claire (Spain)

Ramesh made our visit to Delhi and Agra memorable. As elderly travelers, his considerate and attentive nature made us feel well taken care of. He even helped us locate my father’s grave, a touching gesture. We highly recommend Ramesh to anyone planning a visit to Delhi and the surrounding areas.

Gordan and Margaret Williams (England)

We recently explored the Golden Triangle with Ramesh as our driver. His calm and safe driving style provided us with a sense of security throughout the trip. In India’s chaotic traffic, Ramesh’s driving skills were truly invaluable. He is a friendly and reliable driver who goes above and beyond to ensure a great experience with Private India Tours.

Claire Winter (Landon)

If you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to travel in India, Ramesh Kumar is your best choice. With 16 years of experience, he possesses in-depth knowledge of Indian cities and attractions. Ramesh speaks multiple languages, making him suitable for travelers of all backgrounds. His expertise extends to North Indian and Rajasthan tours. Rest assured, Ramesh will provide you with the best deals on tours, hotels, and even food and drinks, ensuring a memorable and secure experience in India.

Ben (Germany)

From our first visit to India, Ramesh made us feel well taken care of. We commend his honesty, trustworthiness, and willingness to go the extra mile. He assisted us in various situations that would have been challenging without his guidance. We wholeheartedly recommend Ramesh for a reliable and exceptional travel experience in India.

Rodeney Lingham (New zealand)

My husband and I stayed at Dia while in Pushkar for our honeymoon trip, and it was wonderful! It is the same owner at Seventh Heaven, so the cozy atmosphere and airy balconies were identical. The room was spacious, clean, and comfortable, with two small nooks with small couches by the window. Very relaxing! Important tip for other travelers – our 2-week trip to India was made much more convenient and pleasant by hiring a private driver, which really made our trip fantastic and make travelling thgough India much easier and enjoyable. We booked through this website and were taken care of by the owner himself. Ramesh Kumar, who has 15 years of experience in driving all over India. He was very professional and accommodating, speaks excellenet English, and exceeds all expectations!

Tom (USA)

We can highly recommend Ramesh Kumar as a Driver as well.we just returned from a trip to india and Ramesh drove us around Golden Trangle Delhi – Jaipur – Agra for a week.Ramesh,s calm driving skills made us feel safe and comfortable throughout the trip. in india crazy traffic this asset can not be emphasized strongly enough. Ramesh is very Friendly, absolutely reliable and went out of his way to make sure we had good time By Private India Tours!

Snewfie (England)

I was Looking for a safe and easy way to travel to india with a friendly and helpful driver well this is the Best way to do this Ramesh Kumar is the owner of letsgoindiatours.com, he has 16 years of experience with many of the city’s and attractions in india and speaks a variety of different languages, Perfect for people who are unsure about travelling by themselves female, male, young, old it is perfect for everyone. Ramesh offers informations about the locations as you are visiting he specialises in North indian and Rajasthan tours. He is a very experienced driver so you are very safe and he will always make sure you get the best deals on tours, hotels and even food and drink, He will look after you make sure you are safe and have the best experience of india possible. If you want the Best go with
Ramesh! Excellent!!!!!!!

James (England)

Well, now Ramesh has Sixteen Years experience (he started in 1994). And his Knowledge and experience of india tourism is only expanding. Since frist day on our frist visit to india, Ramesh made us feel well taken care of. We would like to stress his honesty and trustworthiness. He helped us with a cuple situtions that would have been diffcult if we were travelling on our own. we Recommend him completely!

Cro (England)

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