Lets Go India Tours Tips on Religion & Cultural Beliefs

Tips on Religion & Cultural Beliefs

Some common tips are mentioned below. Please follow them to avoid any misunderstanding, arguments or hurting the sentiments of the people.

  • Before entering any religious institution make sure that you are not drunk or don’t possess any type of alcohol. Alcohol is a strict no and prohibited in religious institutions like Temples, Mosque, Churches, Sikh temples etc. There are few temples where the alcohol is offered to the god as a religious belief and is considered to be sacred. They are the temples of lord “Bhairo“ also called as Bhairo Baba.
  • It’s always good to wash your hands before entering any temple or religious institution. You will find the water taps or tanks before entry gates or in parking lots. In mosques it is advisable to enter with your right foot, it’s a belief.
  • Always take off your shoes/ sandals/ footwear before entering and temple, mosque or any religious interest place. It is compulsory for all. You may choose to walk with your socks on, but the shoes are a strict no. Always take off your shoes to the designated and supervised shoe stands only and take a token for it (if this service is available).
  • When you are in the temple please don’t point your feet towards the deity’s idol or holy book or towards the priest. It’s considered as abusing and should be strictly followed. If you want or need to sit then sit with folded legs in such a way that your feet don’t point towards them.
  • Also please don’t turn your back towards the deity’s idol or holy book or towards the priest. It is un polite and rude. If you want to sit then either sit on the carpet, stairs or places meant for the followers. Don’t use the chairs of the priest or temple authorities.
  • At some temples you may be asked to remove the leather products & belongings like wallets, belts etc. Please don’t feel offended as the Hindus are generally vegetarians and the leather products are not considered sacred in the temples.
  • At temples generally the use of mobiles, cameras etc. is prohibited. If it is not mentioned there, still don’t take pictures unless you have taken permission. It’s always better to avoid taking pictures at the temples as it is a general practice & prohibition.
  • At some temples foreigners or people of different religions are not allowed. Please don’t get offended but that is due to some religious beliefs and practices.
  • Please be very considerate about the clothes you wear before going to a temple. Revealing clothes for ladies like short skirts, tank tops, cut sleeves tops etc. are not allowed. Please wear decent clothes covering your full body. Some places like Gurudwaras (Sikh temples) it is compulsory to cover your head with a cloth or hanky.


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