Lets Go India Tours Important Tips on Language In India

Important Tips on Language In India

We believe that language is not a big problem in India. Even though there are hundreds of languages and dialects, English is widely spoken and understood. You will find people speaking (not very accurate but communicable) English all over except in very small villages and rural areas. If it’s a tourist place, yes English would be spoken and understood.


For specialized services there are different world language speaking guides (Like Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese etc.) to hire. These guides are generally available on pre booking only. You can easily mug up some commonly used words and phrases stated below as this might help you.


    • Greetings – Namaste (can be used for – Good morning, good afternoon and good night).
    • How are you? – Aap kaise hain?
    • Water (I want water) – Paani (Mujhe paani chahiye)
    • Food (I want food) – Khaana (Mujhe khaana chahiye)
    • Where can I get – Kahan milega?
    • Yes – Haan
    • No – Nahin
    • Ok – Thik Hai or you can say Achha
    • Thank you – Dhanyawaad or you can say Shukriya
    • I need Help or Please help me – Meri madad karo or you can say Meri sahayta karo
    • My name is Tony – Mera naam Tony hai
    • How much (to pay)? – Kitne paise?
    • Day – Din
    • Night – Raat
    • Medicine (I need medicine) – Dawaai (Mujhe Dawaai chahiye.)
    • Fruits (I want fruits) – Phal (Mujhe phal chahiye)
    • Vegetables (I want vegetables) – Subzi (Mujhe subzi chahiye)
    • Lentils (I want lentils) – Daal (Mujhe daal chahiye)


With these basic words and phrases and English of course, we are sure that you will have a good time in India.


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